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Book An Orlando Male Revue
If you manage/own a club or bar we can help increase your revenue by putting on a top notch male revue.  You will make money off of ticket and alcohol sales, but the big money will come from attracting new customers to your establishment.   Girls will remember going to a male revue for years and they always tell their friends.  You will also attract more males to your club because they are smart enough to know the state of mind the girls will be in when you open the doors for them to come in.

Male Entertainment for Girls’ Night Out
We have an MC that will keep the crowd excited throughout the whole show.  Our entertainers will be performing choreographed routines that will stimulate the crowd.  All the ladies will be encouraged to participate throughout the show.  We’ll perform at a club which seats 25 girls or a concert hall that seats 10,000 girls.  We will ensure that every girl has a great time.  Our entertainers are sexy, personable, down- to- earth and take great pride in their work. Call now for more information about our Magic Mike Orlando Male Revue.

We have male revues throughout the state of Florida. Below are some of our featured revues:

Fort Lauderdale Male Revue | Orlando Male Revue | Tampa Male Revue